It was a memorable and endearing experience under the valuable guidance of Vaishali Girme. She made sure that there was an open environment where I got to learn all the minute details of testing and related procedures, therapy part etc. Through the internship she discussed cases and provided with minute details which were beyond the books.The whole process of learning was filled with exposure in terms of getting to conduct tests on patients, also the interpretation that she used to provide which gave me proper understanding about the field I am stepping into. I express my gratitude to her and would definitely cherish and nurture this learning throughout my life.

Meghana Deshpande

Priyanka Pandey

Vaishali Girme is very humble, kind and so much supportive. She provides us lots of helping pointers to manage things. Vaishali Girme is very talented to understand situation closely and gives correct path to handle things. Thanks a ton for providing such a great pointers. It really helpful for us. Please do keep your suggestions with us.

Vaishali Girme gave me the clarity that I needed and helped me get through some of the hardest points in my life and I can't thank her enough for that. After going from one psychologist to another I finally found someone who was genuine and supportive and so so worth it! I don't usually write reviews online but for her I was happy to. She recognised my anxiety and fears and made me understand patterns that I subconsciously fall into. She taught me how to deal with and most importantly identify my negative thoughts and emotions and that put so many things into perspective for me. She lends a kind and non-judgemental ear and is attentive to each and everything I have to say. Her methods have helped me face and come to terms with a lot of my issues and I continue to apply them in every area of my life. I'm so so thankful for her and couldn't be more happier to recommend her :) She truly is one of a kind and I recommend her to anyone whose going through a tough time!


Akshata Ghare

Vaishali Girme is very Supportive, Give Proper explanation of testing proces and treatment. Her knowledge and way of guiding helped a lot throughout the internship.

Vaishali Girme is very supportive she never tired to answer your question,I have very good support of her to deal with my anxiety....

Shirish Charhate

Nick Mack

It was a good experience. Ma'am does her sessions and everything very nicely.... and makes the client understand their problems in a way thats easy. Her rapo with her client is also good. Thanku ma'am ☺

Very good process and explained very well understanding of subject matter is very clear and very good counselling

Robin Sengupta

Somnath Surve

Very nice doctor. Very Knowledgeble, nice way of handling the patient.

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