What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the most common developmental and behavioral disorder which is characterized by poor concentration, distractibility, hyperactivity and impulsiveness that are inappropriate for the child’s age.

What are symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

A. Inattention
  • 1. Fails to give close attention to details or make careless mistakes. It is important that your child consistently, irrespective of stressors displays these symptoms
  • 2. Has difficulty sustaining attention in task or play activities : For instance a child who is unable to finish a given task and constantly gets distracted
  • 3. Does not follow instructions and fails to finish schoolwork: Many times schools complain that the child is fidgety, and instructions have to be repeated.
  • 4. Have difficulty organizing tasks and activities: Such children get very confused and can be very disorganized. They can at times be messy or often before exams are unable to make time tables and finish work despite being very intelligent.
  • 5. Easily distracted by external stimuli: Often we get complaints from parents that their child is easily distracted by small sounds or the television, door bell rings and unable to refocus on the task at hand.
B. Hyperactivity
  • 1. Inability to sit in one place
  • 2. Leaves seat in classroom or other situations in which remaining seated is expected
  • 3. Has difficulty playing or engaging in leisure activities quietly
  • 4. Talks excessively
C. Impulsivity
  • 1. Has difficulty awaiting turn
  • 2. Blurts out answers before question has been completed
  • 3. Interrupts or intrudes on others

What causes Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

There is no clear etiological variable appears lead to all cases of ADHD. The precise cause of the disorder is unknown. A number of biological an environmental correlates have been implicated as being important in individual cases and group of children with ADHD.
There may be other contributory factors:

  • 1. Genetics:
  • 2. Perinatal Complications
  • 3. Neurological Illness
  • 4. Diet

How common is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

ADHD is most common in school age children. It is common in boys than in girls, at a ratio ranging from 2.5:1 to 5.6:1.

Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Can be effectively diverted
  • Doesn't follow directions or finish tasks
  • Doesn't appear to be listening
  • Doesn't pay attention and makes careless mistakes
  • Forgets about daily activities
  • Have issues sorting out everyday assignments
  • Doesn’t like to do things that require sitting still
  • Regularly loses things
  • Tends to daydream


  • 1. Behavioral Therapy
  • 2. Cognitive Therapy
  • 3. Psycho-Pharmacotherapy
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