About Vaishali Girme

Vaishali Girme, chief Clinical psychologist/ Neuropsychologist of Ph PsyCare- centre for psychological counselling and neurorehabilitation has completed her M.Phil. from Sweekaar Academy of Rehabilitation Sciences, Secunderabad. The academy is recognized as a rehabilitation centre for children with special needs and learning disability. She also provides therapy to the adult and geriatric population suffering from various mental disorders ranging from schizophrenia to personality disorders. She has had the opportunity to work with patients who have undergone psychiatric treatment in the past. These residual patients are now looking forward to regaining their ability and functioning so that they can re-establish their daily activities.

Vaishali has immense training in the field of Child Psychology. This sensitive field involves dealing with children in their growing years,which can be especially challenging, due to their exposure and interaction with the world and how they perceive it. She has worked extensively with children facing emotional, behavioural, intellectual, hyper activity and delayed developmental problems. These issues have also been evaluated by performing various standardized tests that provide direction for the diagnosis. Subsequently therapy sessions are performed on children, where parents are also integrated to facilitate change.

Vaishali currently works with Sahyadri Hospital, Pune as a Neuro-Psychologist. She previously underwent intensive training from NIMHANS- Bangalore within the same field.In Sahyadri Hospital, her key role is to evaluate and treat people with illness, injuries and diseases of the nervous system, which consequentlyaffects how a person feels, thinks and behaves. She provides support to the inpatients and their families to help them cope with the illness. With the unprecedented increase in the stress levels and suicide rates, there is a greater need for promoting mental health awareness among people. Vaishali has been a crusader for reducing the stigma around mental health by conducting various lectures, workshops and awareness programmes.

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